🕶️Our Vision

DOTins is not meant to define the rulesets for inscription — this is a task for Polkadot’s community. This project is about empowering the community with all unique features of Polkadot and showcase the world the capabilities of our ecosystem.

By using Polkadot’s framework and unique features, we believe we can take inscriptions to a whole new level of decentralization and democracy. By allowing inscriptions to occur simultaneously in different chains (parachains and relay chain), omni-inscription can provide a proof-of-ownership in different scopes. Scope is the extent of the subject matter to which it is relevant. Anyone should be able to limit or expand the scope of their inscriptions as they choose.

As more use-cases of inscriptions and omni-inscriptions surge, DOTins will use mint and trading funds to relentlessly work to adapt, evolve and provide our community with the most innovative features and the best user experience.

DOTins is the mean towards the most innovative and engaged inscriptions-community in the Web3 space.

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