Delving into PolkaMAPS: empowering Polkadot community through digital sovereignty on the Polkadot Network

Embark on a disruptive journey within the core of Polkadot, the blockchain platform that set the standards on security, interoperability and decentralization. PolkaMAPS is set to embark on a decentralized, community-drive journey that will redefine digital sovereignty within the Polkadot ecosystem. PolkaMAPS is a consensus ruleset based upon the simple theory that Polkadot blocks, transactions, and the fundamentals data structure can be represented spatially. In PolkaMAPS, anyone can claim sovereignty over a plot — a unique set of consecutive slots on the Polkadot Network.

The key difference between PolkaMAPS and other inscription-based maps is that this model considers the uniqueness of Polkadot: from the umbrella architecture involving the parachains to the interoperability Polkadot provides. While other standards are a mere representation of the block content based on trading volume or some simplified metric, PolkaMAPS can capture the level of active interoperability ocurring on a certain block and customize the algorithm to reflect parachains’ activity. PolkaMAPS adds multiple dimensions to the inscription-maps, which can only be used on Polkadot due to it’s architecture.

PolkaMAPS are omni-inscriptions on Polkadot, a new standard for storing immutable data on-chain. Immutable omni-inscriptions on Polkadot allow PolkaMAPS stardard to follow the first-is-first rule, ensuring legitimacy and uniqueness of each plot, preventing the creation of duplicates.

PolkaMAPS are meant to be used by the community to develop endless possibilities, from metaverse games to generative art and data visualization. The community is highly encourage to contribute to the PolkaMAPS universe by integrating native Polkadot properties of slots and blocks. Join us as we embark on a mission to shape the decentralized future of Polkadot — one dot at a time.

The founding team is drafting the initial proposal for PolkaMAPS, which will be used for further discussion with the community. For now, the team prefers to not disclose all innovative features of PolkaMAPS.

Next Steps

DOTins’ team is currently focused on providing a unique and reliable experience for the omni-inscription in the ecosystem first. It will be a learning process and the team and the community will adapt and evolve as we move forward.

  1. The first step will be to fully launch DOTins and all required features to a fully function inscription-based assets marketplace.

  2. The team will create the algorithm to terraform the multidimensional world of Polkadot

  3. The community will decide the mechanisms for launching and sale of the plots

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